species: leclercqi Rigout 1985
remark: species similiar to P. interrupta, but with different breeding habits
wild habitat: Acacia thorny shrubs, cohabit with above mentioned
origin: Yemen, near Hamman Ali, 1677 m, IV/2007
wild imago size: 12-16 mm
breeding difficulty: difficult, usually only very low oviposition and high decease rate in both larval and pupal stage


species: elegantissima Csiki,1909
remark: -
wild habitat: seen flying, species of thorny Acacia shrubs
origin: Ethiopia, near Finchawa, V/2008
wild imago size: 21 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown

Pachnoda elegantissima >> wild habitat (Ethiopia, near Finchawa)

species: histrioides Pouillaude,1914
remark: -
wild habitat: Acacia thorny shrubs
origin: Yemen, near Hamman Ali, 1677 m, IV/2007
wild imago size: 16-18 mm
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, usually low oviposition and mortality in pupal phase are main problems


species: fasciata (Fabricius, 1775)
remark: beautiful species with high colour variability
wild habitat: Acacia thorny shrubs, larvae were found in rotten wood of Prunus sp.
origin: Yemen, Sana'a, Haddah, 2413 m, XI/2003
wild imago size: around 20 mm
breeding difficulty: quite easy, sometimes prepupal diapause may extend the developement
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