Pachnoda tridentata (Guinea)

species: trimaculata Kraatz 1885
remark: many transitional forms and similiar species are known
wild habitat: Acacia woodland of eastern Africa, often found on Protea sp.
origin1: Zambia, Kafue NP, II/2005
origin2: Zambia, Chongwe, XI/2006 J.Touroult photographed
origin3: Tanzania
wild imago size: 21-24 mm
breeding difficulty: very easy

> Pachnoda trimaculata (Tanzania) >>,>>> Pachnoda trimaculta (Zambia)

Pachnoda trimaculata in wild habitat (with Leucocelis rhodesiana, Charaxes sp.) (Zambia, Chongwe, photo: J. TOUROULT )

species: sinuata (Fabricius, 1775)
remark: belongs to nominative subspecies
wild habitat: found principally in forestal habitats
origin: South Africa, Karkloof forest, 1364 m, ex larvae, I/2015
wild imago size: up to 30 mm
breeding difficulty: Species belong to one of the easiest cetoniines in captive breeding with development from larvae to adult lasting 4-5 months depends on temperature. After hatching imago tend to stay dormant with mating and oviposition for several months which may signify that species complete one generation per year overwintering as adult beetle.

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