All webs concerning beetle-breeding problematics will be added here ( if I find it relevant,of course:-)

    Beetle breederīs sites :
  1.   -    Web server by Tomas Libich
  2. Beetle breeding homepage by Benjamin Harink
  3.   The guide-post made by Max Ruijsbroek
  4. The German beetle homepage of Norbert und Thorsten
  5.  Website of Dalibor Vecera, one of the Czech beetle Guru
  6.  Website of Olivier Balla
  7.  Comprehensive Maik Petzoldīs website
  8.  Beetlespace of Frantisek Bacovsky
  9.  Website of Julien Limpens

  10. Insect adds:
  11.  This add site belongs to most frequent ones, you can try to smuggle some of your insects there... or try to find reliable african dealer contact if you have luck...
  12.  Another frequent site with insect adds, dried and alive
  13.  Czech insect adds database... Knowledge of czech language is highly needed there.
  14.  New breeding adds site

  15. Insect forums :
  16.  Maggot's Insects Forum - in english
  17. The french insect site by Chris Monsterlet with good and funny forum mainly about cetoniinae beetles. Although it is only french language version, I recommand to visit this site once upon a time.
  18.  Beetle forum made by Robert Dietze. (preferably in german )
  19.  Spanish society for those, who breed insect (spanish spoken)

  20. Entomology related links :
  21.  Magellanes association- entomological publications
  22.  NATURA EDIZIONI SCIENTIFICHE- entomological literature
  23.  The Eyes of An Insect

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