species: discolor Kolbe, 1895
remark: -
wild habitat: Acacia woodland of eastern part of subsaharan Africa, often found on Protea sp., in Malawi cohabits with Marmylida (Pachnodella) impressa
origin: Tanzania
wild imago size: 15-18 mm
breeding difficulty: medium, species often requires longer diapausis in prepupal stage


species: rufovirens Quedenfeld, 1884
remark: -
wild habitat: -
origin: SW Angola, Huila prov., near Lubango, 1800 m
wild imago size: 16 mm
breeding difficulty: easy with this population, species undergo 5-6 months period of dormancy in prepupa, but with no significant pupa mortality, adults are very productive and lay eggs immediately after hatching


species: helleri Moser 1910
remark: -
wild habitat: found in the moist tropical forest
origin: Uganda, Mt. Elgon, XI/2006
wild imago size: 14-16 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown, only 3 males of this species were found

Pachnoda helleri (Uganda)

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