species: cordata Drury 1773
remark: small Pachnoda with lots of colour varieties
wild habitat: common western african savannah species
origin: Senegal
origin2: Guinea, variety obscura Schoch
origin3: Sierra Leone, IV/2013
wild imago size: 15-18 mm
breeding difficulty: relatively easy, some populations may undergo diapausis in prepupal/imago stage which take up to 7 months

species: tridentata Olivier 1789
remark: -
wild habitat: common western african savannah species, cohabit with P. cordata
origin: Guinea
origin2: Sierra Leone, Nimini Hills, prov. Kono, V/2013
wild imago size: 16-20 mm
breeding difficulty: very difficult compared with other Pachnoda spp., even larvae feeding may be very complicated

Pachnoda cordata >> sexual dimorphism (abdominal groove) (Senegal), >>> variability (Sierra Leone)

Pachnoda cordata var. obscura (Guinea)

>,>> Pachnoda cordata >>> together with Pachnoda tridentata cought on mango trap (Sierra Leone)

Pachnoda tridentata (Sierra Leone)
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