species: vossi Kolbe, 1892
remark: -
wild habitat: forestal species
origin: Cameroon
wild imago size: 20-22 mm
breeding difficulty: very hard, possible only for few generations, after that population vitality and reproduction ability tend to weaken


species: prasina Karsch, 1881
remark: -
wild habitat: forestal species
origin: Sao Tome
wild imago size: 22-26 mm
breeding difficulty: seems the species can be well bred and reproduced for several generations although oviposition may be sometimes unachieved

species: viridana Blanchard, 1850
suspecies: karinae Antoine, 2000
remark: -
wild habitat: -
origin: Angola, 5 km W Conda, leg. Stefan Naumann, world famous saturnidae specialist and excelent dentist :)
wild imago size: 15-17 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown

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