Pachnoda werneri (Ethiopia)

species: thoracica Fabricius 1775
remark: species may remind P. massajae in colours, but the shape of aedeagus is very different
wild habitat: Acacia thorny shrubs
origin: Yemen, Sana'a, Haddah, 2400 m, XI/2005
wild imago size: 20-25 mm
breeding difficulty: relatively easy, adults usually start laying eggs in second half of their life


species: interrupta Olivier 1789
remark: small sized Pachnoda, known to be pest on agriculture plants
wild habitat: common species of tropical african bush
origin: Senegal
wild imago size: 12-15 mm
breeding difficulty: medium difficulty, there is certain amount of decease within larval stage, with increasing number of captive bred generations - vitality and fertility of population decrease


Pachnoda interrupta from Somaliland

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