species: abyssinica Blanchard 1842
remark: big sized attractive Pachnoda
wild habitat: Acacia woodland species, often cohabits with P.stehelini
origin: Ethiopia, near Bedele, IV/2002 + V/2003
wild imago size: 22-26 mm
breeding difficulty: very easy for larval and cocoon stage, very hard to make captive bred adults oviposit


Pachnoda abyssinica (Ethiopia) + uncommon colour abberation

species: iskuulka Král, Sommer & Šípek, 2019
wild habitat: flower feeder, found on Acacia sp. cohabiting with Rhabdotis gemella
origin: Somaliland, Sanaag region, Buq village, VIII/2018
wild imago size: 24-28 mm
breeding difficulty: not difficult, adults require higher temperaratures for mating and oviposition


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