Pachnoda sinuata sinuata (South Africa)

species: calceata?
remark: I´m unable to identify this species of which only one female was found giving me one larvae later turning into the adult female
wild habitat: found on Acacia sp.
origin: Ethiopia, Sof´Omar, 4/2003, leg. Petr Malec
wild imago size: 23 mm
breeding difficulty: probably easy expect for oviposition

Pachnoda calceata? >> wild habitat (Ethiopia, Sof´Omar)

species: alluaudi Bourgoin 1913
remark: -
wild habitat: species of high altitude forest
origin: Uganda, Lake Mburo NP, 11/2006, P. Malec leg.
origin2: Kenya, around Nao Moru, winter/2009
wild imago size: up to 30 mm for population from Uganda
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, species with problematic oviposition and also very high egg decease rate

Pachnoda alluaudi (Kenya)

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