Sierra Leone 2013

> Evides sp., >> Big melolonthinae - Pholidochris brenskei
>>> Not difficult to find one cerambycidae from Ancylonotini group within 3 seconds…
>>>> … and three specimens of Anthribidae within, okay, 5 seconds :)

>, >>, >>> Some other insects had to be examined from close distance…
>>>> Mother Nature must be really wicked to raise such bizzare creatures…..

>, >> Various Heteroptera - obviously not peaceable vegetarians!,>>> Another notorious predator!
>>>> One from Ensifera, but no idea for the name...

>, >> Butterflies were common to see in whole plethora of shapes, colours and stadiums! ( > Hypolimnas salmacis)
>>>, >>>> Pieces of fascinating architecture made by termites….

Something for botanists to finish my photogallery from Sierra Leone!
Many thanks to Steffan, Hermann, Anders, Peter and Mr. Marc Lacroix for insect identifications!
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