Sierra Leone 2013

> As being orthodox coleopterologist - I can hardly understand someone´s interest in moths - but these are really big and showy.
>> Aurivillius aratus
>>> Epiphora rectifascia
>>>> Imbrasia epimethea

> Series of moths from family sphingidae: Acanthosphinx guessfeldti
>> Pseudoclanis rhadamistus rhadamistus
>>> Lophostethus dumolinii carteri
>>>> … and some more :)

>,>> Some little moths have really crazy patterns…
>>> others pretend to be invisible with smart mimicry….
>>>> while some have completely opposite tactic to face predators!

>,>> Children appreciated our presence, especially in remote areas where the chance to see someone weird like us is low.
>>> After short non-verbal entomological training…
>>>> …. we got a group of ethusiastic junior research staff :)

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