Sierra Leone 2013

Unfortunatelly my beloved cetoniinae were far not the most frequent coleoptera family flying around, season was apparently either too early, which confirm the common rule - there is no beetle season in Africa, you can either be too early or too late. However some other families appeared in quantity and cheering diversity! My identifications are just preliminary and must be confirmed by specialists first.

> Tithoes maculatus
>> Mallodon downesi
>>> Batocera granulipennis
>>>> Prosopocera sp.

> Sternotomis chrysopras
>> Analeptus trifasciatus
>>> Ropaloteres cinctus
>>>> Cratohaera chrysopyga

> Lucanidae series : Prosopocoilus sp., >> Homoderinus variegatus
>>>, >>>> Nigidius sp.

> Dynastidae - Rhizoplatys mucronatus, >> Xenodorus janus
>>>, >>>> some from family cassidinae…

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