Sierra Leone 2013

Sierra Leone has not the best reputation, but since the war is over, diamond deposits depleted and Charles Taylor arrested - pretty much has changed and there is no reason against visiting this beautiful country! At least David Backham, Angelina Jolie and now myself (and few other tourists in the meanwhile :) were already there and came safely back home. Indeed Sierra Leone is not in Spain and if you want to see something, not just lie on the beach, one has to be prepared for tough conditions especially when you decide to travel to remote areas!

> Landing from Lungi Airport with the ferry - everything is well organized, smooth and clean- one immediatelly recognize you are in Africa!
>> May/june is probably not the best insect season, but definitely perfect timing for mango lovers! Yellow,orange, green, small, big, elongated - all shapes one can imagine!
>>> Peaceful athmosphere on Bureh beach
>>>> Environmental education is rather scarce in Sierra Leone. And I say: "No Eucalyptus forest please!"

> My trip itinerary was absolutely perfect until the second day when we reached this freshly fallen bridge! The next 3 weeks of the trip were more or less improvisation.
>> Roads there are even in worse condition than czech D1 higway!
>>> Our "Misterbishi" was tough and strong runner, however on some places it was real struggle!
>>>> The bridge foundation on the right side will hopefully become part of the new infrastructure soon! Faster travelling, but less romantic!

> Our driver Hassan working hard at the filling station!
>> Africa is not a cradle of gastronomy, but the food on Tiwai Island was really tasty! Especially when you are really hungry!
>>> Having mobile phone is a dream of every poor sierraleonean....
>>>> and there are some public places where you can charge them!

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