Republic of South Africa 2016/2017

After two years again in this beautiful country which I call European Africa because of the comfort and road quality you can hardly enjoy anywhere else within black continent. Regarding our puprose - I must have been very good boy past two years so the fortune smiled on me and we came with the heavy rains that woke up many interesting beetles, especially in my desired cetoniinae. Those I will show later...
> After 2 years we are again on the southafrican road, mostly you drive endless straight forward…
>> First day in Kamdeboo after the climb to the top of the cliff in 40°C heat… little warm-up after leaving european winter…..
>>> … sadly no insect activity up on the peak!
>>>> Valley of Desolation (but we were far not desolated there :))

> Quizz - where is the rock hyrax, ehmm… sorry - dassie? When they scream it sounds like someone’s being murdered.
>> Their droppings accumulation are frequently visited by cetoniinae larvae!
>>> Karkloof-we are used to stay in these lovely stables,probably friendliest place in SA we visited
>>>> Another contribution in my african sunset series

> Like in Czech Rep. we drink beer and eat dumplings, southafricans do braai, meat, sausages, everthing…. This nice custom we immediatelly get used to!
>> Sometimes the fire was not completely under our control…. :)
>>> Sometimes we run out of meat… so what to do with an empty stomach in the desolate bush? :)))
>>>> Kids are the same all over the world - they love cartoons!

> Drakensberg Mountains, green and moist - we felt almost like at home!
>> From rock painting we realized we are probably not the first hunters in this area…
>>> Catching puff adder in the grass….
>>>> Nieu Bethesda - very inhospitable landscape, but after rains very rich in beetle fauna!
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