Republic of South Africa 2014/2015

> What a get-together in the Protea head!
>> This ugly black cetonid crossed my way and made me happy!
>>> Gynanisa - Speckled Emperor moth
>>>> Another butterfly - most likely Acraea horta

> Here I intentionally arranged photo "Apprentice teaching the master how to collect beetle larvae", what a wicked joke of mine!...
>> … our Teacher in the field, without Renzo´s help and wise advices we could never succeed like we did this time!
>>> Unlucky moments were only exceptions - after an hour of digging in the rock - I found one Hypselogenia elytra :)
>>>> Finding dead corpse is always little celebration for every beetle collector - habitat of trogidae from genus Omorgus

> Meloidae from Mylabrini tribe, Hycleus sp.?
>> Another meloidae which could represent Meloe meridianus
>>> Brachycerus, no idea which one
>>>> Polyclaeis equestris alias Gay Weevil

> Huge Dung beetle of genus Heliocopris
>> Scarabeus (Sceliages) pushing a milipede, still alive
>>> .. I have no knowledge on coprophagous beetles - but these two fighting for dung ball could represent Scarabeus bohemani
>>>> last Scarabeus in this series….

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