Republic of South Africa 2014/2015

> Toktokkies start with Moluris gibba (many thanks to Juan for ID)
>> and finish with weird looking Pseudomachla, most likely P. caffra
>>> Trichiini I should know a bit as being a group of Cetoniinae, Stegopterus?.
>>>> Really big rain may raise Hydromanticora!

> Scorpions were quite frequent under stones, this one from genus Parabuthus
>> nice mimic Opistophthalmus sp.
>>> and another sturdy Opistophthalmus sp.
>>>> Some flora for the gallery to be more colourful….

> Shieldback bugs nymph sitting on fynbos flora!
>> Gonimbrasia thyrrhea - very organic snack!
>>> Fantastic mimic grasshopper, still, not missed by well trained entomologist´s eye….
>>>> This grasshopper from Pyrgomorphidae family obviously look like a non-endible insects!

> Reptiles and amhibians series start with Agama atra….
>> continue with an ugly toad…
>>> and thirsty tortoise…
>>>> and finish with little skink of genus Trachylepis

PS: Welcome all ID corrections!

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