Leucocelis discicollis, captive bred imagines

species: haemorrhoidalis (Fabricius, 1775)
wild habitat: all habitats, typical flower feeder that has been observed on a large variety of plants, often in large aggregations
origin: South Africa, Eastern Cape, I/2015; KwaZulu, I/2017
wild imago size: 11-12 mm
breeding difficulty: Somewhat more difficult to breed than Leucocelis adspersa. Oviposition of captive bred generations is often very weak or unachieved. Populations with black pronotum seem to be stable in breeding.

>,>> Leucocelis haemorrhoidalis - captive bred adults >>> in wild habitat

species: hildebrandti Kraatz 1880
wild habitat: all primary habitats of eastern Africa, particularly Tanzania
origin: Tanzania, Undzungwa Mt., I/2011 leg. Malec Petr
wild imago size: 10-11 mm
breeding difficulty: breeding in progress

Leucocelis hildebrandti (or lucidicollis?) (Tanzania)

species: plebeja Kolbe 1895
wild habitat: All habitats of equatorial Africa, common on blossoms
origin: Uganda, Entebbe, V/2009
wild imago size: 9 mm
breeding difficulty: easy

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