species: vitticollis? Boheman 1857
wild habitat: savannah species, found in southestern Africa
origin: Tanzania, 40 km N from Songea, I/2011 leg. Malec Petr
wild imago size: 9-10 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown

subgenus: OXYTHYREA Mulsant, 1842
species: petit (Gory et Percheron, 1833)
wild habitat: all types of habitats, common in western Africa, flower feeder
origin: Sierra Leone, Loma Mt., 7 km E from Konbaia, V/2013 leg. Petr Malec
wild imago size: 11-12 mm
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, just as for Leucocelis, both oviposition and pupal phase are very problematic

subgenus: CYRTOTHYREA Kolbe
species: marginalis (Swartz, 1817)
wild habitat: Very common species found at numerous locations. Typical flower feeder that has been observed on a large variety of plants, often in quantity.
origin: South Africa, Eastern Cape
wild imago size: 11-13 mm
breeding difficulty: Wild collected larvae have been raised to imago, however, no oviposition of captive bred generation was achieved.

subgenus: ACROTHYREA Kraatz,1882
species: rufofemorata (Burmeister, 1842)
wild habitat: Rare species. Adult beetles are typical flower visitors.
origin: South Africa, Eastern Cape
wild imago size: 11-13 mm
breeding difficulty: Unknown. Females were captured alive, however no oviposition was achieved.

subgenus: AMAUROLEUCOCELIS Bourgoin 1913
species: lunata (Reiche, 1849)
wild habitat: throughout all eastern tropical Africa, forest species
origin 1: Ethiopia, near Finchawa , 5/2008 leg. Malec Petr
origin 2: Uganda, Mpanga forest, 11/2006 leg. Malec Petr
wild imago size: 10-11 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown, Ive never found sufficient population for breeding

species: ivoriensis Antoine, 2003
wild habitat: forest species
origin: Nimini Hills, 5 km W Njaiama, V/2013 leg. Malec Petr
wild imago size: 8-9 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown, only one male found

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