Zambia 2005

Let me quote the Lonely Planet book which says: "At first glance, Zambia´s physical geography seems uninspiring (especially if you travel the long main roads): a vast flat plain dotted with rolling hills, grasslands and monotonous scrub bush. The locals call it MMBZ-"Miles and Miles of Bloody Zambia".To a certain extent this is true; but the major roads follow the easiest ground, giving a false impression of the country, and away from the main routes are many spectacular geographical features"
In any case my 30 days there was again great adventure and here are some photos from this trip. (thanks to Molo and Hans in case they are watching)

Photos : 1. Lusaka - busy traffic in the capital city
2. and 3. Victoria falls

Photos : 4. and 5. As it was a rainy season froggies often made noise during the night
6. This chameleon was really angry when being photographed

Photos : 7.- 9. Series of mantis, we found plenty types of such insects

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