genus:   PHONOTAENIA   Kraatz 1880
wild imago size:  small genera 10-17mm, usually around 15mm
sexual dimorphism:  males with abdominal groove
note: Group of beetles with similiar breeding habits - to keep the larvae is relatively easy for all species, but I wasn´t so far successful to make captive bred adults lay eggs, further reproduction. Adults are long-lived beetles - live not seldom more than 1 year. In their wild habitat larvae were often found under the bark of Acacia trees, probably they feed on bast.

species:  scalaris (Gory et Percheron,1833)
origin:  Uganda, Kibale Forrest, XI/2006
origin2:  Sierra Leone, Tiwai Island, V/2013

Phonotaenia scalaris (Uganda)

Phonotaenia scalaris latefasciata (Sierra Leone)

species:  balteata (DeGeer)
origin:  Zambia, near Kabwe, II/2005
origin2:  Tanzania, near Lindi, I/2011
origin3:  South Africa, Eastern Cape I/2015; I/2017

> Phonotaenia balteata (Zambia) >> P. balteata (in wild habitat on Acacia sp.,Tanzania) >>> P.balteata + Gametoides subfasciata freshly hatched (South Africa)

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