genus:   GOLIATHUS Lamarck 1891
species:  goliatus Linné 1771
origin: Cameroon

species:  cacicus Voet 1779
origin: Ivory Coast

species:  albosignathus Boheman 1857
origin:  southern Tanzania

species:  orientalis Moser 1909
origin:  Zambia, Kabompo, leg. Petr Malec 2/2005

sexual dimorphism:  males with horns on clypeus
wild imago size:  Goliath beetles belongs to the biggest world coleoptera. G.goliathus is the largest species with maximum male body lenght around 110mm. Specimen of G.albosignathus measures rarely more than 70mm. Females are generally rather smaller.
note:  Taxonomy of genus Goliathus is still rather messy just as in case of Eudicella. Many subspecies and varieties were described. Breeding of the whole family Goliathina (including for example Hegemus or Argyrophegges) is still being researched and many crazy experiments have been done to breed Goliath beetles well. There is a way based on certain protein preparates if provided to Goliathus larvae may grow up quite well. However this involves some patience and great amount of time. Seeing these beetles in wild habitat is really fascinating experience, they choose some certain Acacia trees when they used to sit at about 10m high feeding on sap that flows from wounds. If disturbed they briskly fly away with noise reminding helicopter.



Goliathus goliathus (wild imago), captive bred female (last 2 photos)

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