genus:  DIPLOGNATHA  Gory et Percheron 1833
species:  gagates Forster 1771
subspecies:  silicea  MacLeay 1838
origin :  Malawi-Chintheche 4/2000 leg. Petr Malec, det.Milan Krajčík
origin2:  Ethiopia-Bedele 5/2003 leg. Petr Malec
origin3:  Uganda-Budongo forrest 11/2006 leg. Petr Malec
origin4:  South Africa, Eastern Cape

species:  viridichalcea  Kolbe 1897
origin:  Tanzania

species:  blanchardi  Schaum 1844
origin:  Ethiopia, Arba Minch, leg. P. Malec 5/2008

species:  nigrita  Blanchard 1842
origin:  Ethiopia, near Kibre Mengist, leg. P. Malec 5/2008

wild imago size:  25-27mm; approx. 20mm for D.blanchardi
sexual dimorphism:  barely visible,but there are some less evident morphological differences, I`m about to prepare a picture explaining that
note: Taxonomically group Diplognathini of usually black or green coloured glossy flower beetles. More than 12 species are known to science,the most common - D. gagates occur widely in almost all countries of tropical Africa. D. "silicea" Macleay is considered to be only variety or subspecies (Krajcik,1998). Species is supposed to develop in various ecological conditions such as bird and bee nests.Imago live sometimes very long time, even several years. Success may bring co-breeding with other (preferably easy-to-breed small species). I verified this fact when breeding D. gagates together with Anelaphinis simillima or with Leucocelis discicollis. They might have been stimulated to oviposit by the presence of other larvae in the breeding substrate.

Diplognatha gagates - Ethiopia >,>> ; Malawi >>>

Green Diplognatha viridichalcea(?) in comparison with much more common black sp. gagates
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