genus: DICRONORHINA Hope 1837
species: micans (Drury,1773)
origin: Cameroon

Dicronorhina micans

species: johnstoni Waterhouse,1902
origin: Zaire, Uganda

Dicronorhina johnstoni > from Zaire, >> from Uganda

species: cavifrons  (Westwood, 1843)
origin: not known to me, widely in western Africa - Cote dŽIvoire, Ghana, Togo

Dicronorhina cavifrons

nature size: 45-60 mm

remark: big attractive beetles, verz easy to reproduce. Whole developement from egg to imago takes 8-9 months (2-3 in cocoon stage). Imago life expectancy is about 3-4 months. Larvae can be kept together 20-30 pieces in 10-15 liters of substrate. Too wet (or too dry) conditions in pupal stage cause elytra deformations.

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