genus: CYPROLAIS  J.Thompson 1880
wild imago size: 25-35mm
sexual dimorphism: males with cephalic armature
note: very easy to breed genus with good reproduction. Adults live up to 6 months, usually about 3 months. Life cycle takes 5 to 7 months.

species: loricata  (Janson,1877)
subspecies: rhodesiana  (Ruter,1978)
origin: Malawi; Dedza, III/2000


species: babaulti   (Allard,1982)
origin: Kenya

species: selene  (Kolbe,1899)
origin: Uganda, Kibale forest, XI/2006

> Cyprolais babaulti, >> Cyprolais selene

species: cornuta  (Heath,1904)
origin: Kenya


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