genus: COMPSOCEPHALUS  White 1845
species: dmitriewi  D´Olsufiew, 1902
origin: Ethiopia, Bedele prov. Illubador
wild imago size: females 27-34mm, males 26-51 mm
sexual dimorphism: males with "Y" shape horn on clypeus
note: Beautiful genus, breeding of larvae seems to be easy. Problematic phase is pupation as some populations may hibernate due to cold weather in its wild habitat. Late revision synonymize Compsocephalus with genus Brachymitra and Stephanocrates.
species: preussi  (Kolbe, 1892)
origin: Cameroon
species: bayeri  (Moser, 1917)
origin: Uganda, Mt. Elgon, 4/2009, leg. Petr Malec

Compsocephalus dmitriewi

Compsocephalus preussi
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