genus:   CETONIA (Fabricius,1775)
subgenus:  Eucetonia   Schoch, 1894
species:  roelofsi (Harold, 1880)
origin:  Japan
wild imago size:  15-18 mm
note:  I raised only one captive generation. Species apparently needs temperature diapausis for successful reproduction.


genus:   GLYCYPHANA Burmeister, 1842
subgenus:  Euglycyphana Mikšič, 1968
species:  vernalis (Wallace, 1867)
origin:  Philippines, Mindanao isl., Mt. Malambo
wild imago size:  18-20 mm
note:  Species seems to be easy to reproduce in breeding with no special demands.


genus:   GAMETIS Burmeister 1842
species:  forticula   Janson 1881
subspecies:  yonakuniana   Nomura 1959
origin:  Japan, Yonaguni Island, coll.6/2010
wild imago size:  around 15 mm

Gametis forticula yonakuniana

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