Uganda 2009

            Photos : 10.- 11. Splendid views from Wagagai peak into the montane zone....
12. Ahmed and George hugging giant Lobelia flower.

            Photos : 13. Its not like in Masai Mara or Krueger NP, but some big cats are likely to been seen here in Uganda (Ishasa). And it does not cost much money. Or better say not yet.
14. This is a photo hardly suitable for National Geographic (but very authentic) - the brown "smudge" sitting on the tree is leopard (on the nest).
15. This animal reminded me endemic ethiopian wolf, but others claimed it was an ordinary dog.

            Photos : 16. - 18. It seems some animals are bored with being wild and start adapting for tourists. Next year well be able too see lions or hippoes so close like this. Maybe.

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