genus:   TRIGONOPHORUS Hope 1831
species:  rothschildi Fairmaire, 1891
subspecies:  varians Bourgoin, 1914
origin:  Taiwan, Jayii County, leg. Wu Shr Yuan 9/2003
wild imago size:  32-36mm
sexual dimorphism: males have frontal clypeal outgrowth spiry, while females dull
note: beetles require diapausis in cocoon stage for about 6 months with reduced moisture

genus:   COSMIOMORPHA Saunders, 1852
subgenus:   MICROCOSMIOMORPHA Miksic, 1977
species:  similis Fairmaire, 1899
subspecies:  yonakuniana Nomura, 1964
origin:  Japan, Yonaguni Is., coll. 6/2010
wild imago size:  23-26mm
sexual dimorphism: males with abdominal channel on sternits

subspecies:  nigra Niijima et Kinoshita, 1927
origin:  Japan, Ishigaki Is., Okinawa prefecture coll.

Trigonophorus rothschildi varians - green forms are much more common than blue on these photos (captive bred male)

Cosmiomorpha similis yonakuniana

Cosmiomorpha similis nigra
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