Republic of South Africa 2014/2015

Two weeks of holidays at the turn of the year was a chance for me to try a little african adventure in the country that I always considered to be different Africa compared with what I´ve seen so far….

> Republic of South Africa - to go off road is sometimes as diffcult as an escape from Alcatraz
>> No rush, no stress - this is Africa!
>>> Addo National Park and elephants go together!
>>>> This is the first two-headed zebra I´ve ever seen! :)

> "Green Hills of Africa" section starts directly in Addo National Park….
>> … and continue in the place called Zuurberg Pass, still in Addo area….
>>> Soil erosion is a must to photograph for geologist…
>>>> Almost "poisonous" green colour on slopes of Karkloof Forest Reserve

> Winterberge Mt. - place with an inhospitable climate, but very scenic
>> .. and also rich in fauna, especially cattle :)
>>> Some places are good for bug hunting, but you need to know where to look for them!
>>>> Dwesa Reserve - very interesting place with preserved coastal forest

> Good entomologist should not avoid any insects habitat, no matter the disgusting stink they produce….
>> Light trapping was best for sphingidae, especially migrating species known from europe too…
>>> Oribi Gorge - worth to drive through….
>>>> Protea flowers - often visited by many chafer species - Cyrtothyrea marginalis inside!
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