genus:   Rhabdotis Burmeister, 1842
species:  arabica  Allard, 1992
origin:  W Yemen, Dharan, 1677m
wild imago size:  20- 23 mm

species:  aulica  Fabricius, 1781
origin:  Tanzania
origin2:  South Africa, Eastern Cape
wild imago size:  around 25 mm

note:  The whole genus is difficult to breed. Larvae supposed to develop in goat and cattle manure. R.sobrina was succesfully reproduced on substrate containig 50% cow dung and 50% rotten wood. R. aulica can well be bred on traditional leaf litter without any additional dung.
Rhabdotis arabica
Rhabdotis aulica >,>> Tanzania >>> South Africa
Rhabdotis from Ethiopia, probably belonging in the range of species : sobrina - gemella - gianatelli
> Rhabdotis sp. (near Metahara, Ethiopia, V/2008) >> Rhabdotis sobrina (Tanzania) >>> Rhabdotis sobrina F1 (Tanzania)

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