genus: RANZANIA Berteloni 1855
species: splendens Berteloni 1855
origin: Zimbabwe
wild imago size: 35-40 mm

species: bertoloni Lucas 1879
origin: Tanzania
wild imago size: 33-35 mm

sexual dimorphism: males with shovel shape horn on clypeus
note: Breeding habits similiar to genus Genyodonta and may vary depending on number of captive bred generations. Twice I tried to keep ssp.petersiana from Malawi, however all my larvae deceased in early 3rd instar. On the other side - I`ve successfuly bred ssp.splendens from Zimbabwe for 4 generations. Anyway the breeding is not so easy - it is necessary to treat cocoons very gently, keep them calm till imago finally hatch. Adults don`t live too long, usually one month, but start mating and laying eggs immediatelly after hatching.


Ranzania splendens

Ranzania bertoloni

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