genus: PTYCHODESTHES Kraatz, 1883
species: bicostata Schaum, 1848
wild habitat: tropical forest of equatorial Africa
origin: Uganda, Budongo forest, XI/2006
wild imago size: 25 mm
breeding difficulty: very difficult, very short imago lifespan, long pupal diapausis


Ptychodesthes bicostata, >>>>> wild habitat

genus: SCYTHROPESTHES Kraatz 1880
species: bicolor (Burmeister, 1842)
wild habitat: localized species, fragmented into a number of isolated forest populations within southern Africa
origin: South Africa, KwaZulu Natal I/2015; I/2017
wild imago size: 21-23 mm
breeding difficulty: Species is known from breeding to undergo a very long prepupal dormancy lasting over six months. During this stage most of the prepupae usually die.


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