genus: PACHNODELLA Stichel, 1922
species: impressa Goldfuss, 1805
wild habitat: common species of eastern and central equatorial african bush, found on Protea sp.
origin: Malawi, Dedza, II/2000
origin2: Tanzania
wild imago size: 18-25 mm
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, pupal phase and oviposition are the two main breeding troubles

Pachnodella impressa (>,>> Malawi; >>> Tanzania)

species: marginella (Fabricius,1775)
wild habitat: common species of western and central Africa, predominantly forestal habitats
origin: Nigeria
origin2: Uganda, Mabira forest, XI/2006
origin3: Sierra Leone, Grafton env., V/2013
wild imago size: 16-21 mm
breeding difficulty: relatively easy for some populations, especially in first captive bred generation, for the following generations oviposition is often unachieved - beetles loose vitality

> Pachnodella marginella (Nigeria) >> Pachnodella marginella (Uganda)

> Pachnodella marginella (Sierra Leone)

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