genus:   ICHNESTOMA   Gory & Percheron,1833
species:  albomaculata Gory et Percheron, 1833
origin:  South Africa, Eastern Cape
wild imago size:  16-21 mm
remark:  In the traditional view, the genus is considered as “relictual and primitive”, however the presumed “primitive”, or better plesiomorphic morphologic characters, may be the result of adaptation to an extreme habitat and life-cycle. Females are apterous. Adults are active above ground for few days after substantial rains (>15 mm).Adults of both sexes lack functional mouth parts and are unable to feed. Currently 13 species are known to science.

species:  struempheri Holm & Perissinotto, 2004
subspecies:  kikvorsti Holm & Perissinotto, 2011
origin:  South Africa, Eastern Cape
wild imago size:  10-15 mm
remark:  Determination of this little Ichnestoma population is a bit doubtful, but the mophology does not differ significantly from the ssp. kikvorsti and may represent a micro-population derived from the nominal form.

species:  rostrata Janson, 1878
origin:  South Africa, Eastern Cape
wild imago size:  13-22 mm
remark:  Large Ichnestoma species, males unmistakeable with elongated clypeus, very good flyers that may remind a Scarabeus in flight. Like other members of genus, adult beetles are attracted to moisture and can often be found drowned in water bodies such as dams, streams, pools and farm troughs.

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