species: geotrupina (Billberg, 1817)
wild habitat: In South Africa they are associated with manure heaps, near cattle kraals with adults feeding on Acacia gum
origin: South Africa, Eastern Cape, I/2017
wild imago size:16-23 mm
breeding difficulty: Larvae are very fast growing, and progressed to the 3rd instar within 12 months in captivity (in temperature 2224C). Pupation is usually also relatively short (approx.1,5 months) with problem-free emergence. Unfortunately, all attempts to make adults mate and oviposit in artificial conditions have been unsuccessful. Undergoing diapause will probably be necessary for mating stimulation and consequent egg laying.

Hypselogenia geotrupina - wild collected imago

Hypselogenia geotrupina - captive bred adults

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