genus: ARGYROPHEGGES Kraatz 1895
species: kolbei Kraatz 1895
wild habitat: larvae develop in Hyrax sp. middens, feeding on the detritus, in Tanzania adults were found on flowers reminding Helianthus sp.
origin: Tanzania
wild imago size: 30-45 mm
breeding difficulty: extremely difficult


genus: FORNASINIUS Bertoloni 1853
species: russus Kolbe 1884
wild habitat: canopy forest of equatorial Africa, found on Funtumia africana
origin: Uganda, Budongo forest, 11/2006 leg. Malec Petr
wild imago size: 40-70 mm
breeding difficulty: difficult, they like lower temperatures and diet based on flake soil and protein supplement


genus: HYPSELOGENIA Burmeister 1840
species: corrosa Bates 1881
wild habitat: Acacia woodland of eastern and southern Africa
origin: unknown, probably Kenya or Tanzania
wild imago size:18-25 mm
breeding difficulty: very easy to raise larvae to imago, they feed primarily on dung, but can be kept on rotten wood too. Oviposition is problematic and usually captive bred adults die without further reproduction


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