genus: ARGYROPHEGGES Kraatz 1895
species: kolbei Kraatz 1895
wild habitat: larvae probably develop in the nests of Hyrax sp., feeding on its detritus, in Tanzania adults are found on flowers reminding Helianthus sp.
origin: Tanzania
wild imago size: 30-45 mm
breeding difficulty: extremely difficult, feeding larvae is a real alchemy


genus: FORNASINIUS Bertoloni 1853
species: russus Kolbe 1884
wild habitat: canopy forest of equatorial Africa, found on Funtumia africana
origin: Uganda, Budongo forest, 11/2006 leg. Malec Petr
wild imago size: 40-70 mm
breeding difficulty: difficult, same troubles as for above mentioned species


genus: HYPSELOGENIA Burmeister 1840
species: corrosa Bates 1881
wild habitat: Acacia woodland of eastern and southern Africa
origin: unknown, probably Kenya or Tanzania
wild imago size:18-25 mm
breeding difficulty: difficult species to reproduce, females seem to lay eggs into the substrate containing dung of herbivores

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