genus: GYMNETOSOMA Martínez, 1949
species: margineguttata  Gory et Percheron, 1833
origin: French Guyana

genus: GYMNETIS MacLeay 1819
species: chalcipes Gory et Percheron, 1833
origin: Brazil

species: flavomarginata Blanchard, 1837
subspecies: pudibunda Burmeister, 1866
origin: Argentina

species: flavomarginata Blanchard, 1837
origin: Mexico

genus: HOLOGYMNETIS Martínez, 1949
species: moroni Ratcliffe et Deloya, 1992
origin: Mexico

wild imago size: 20-25mm
sexual dimorphism: females from ventral side glossy, males are gleamless
note: Larvae have no special feed demands. Adults live up to several months. Many species of genus Gymnetis have already been reproduced in captivity: G.chalcipes, G.flavomarginata ssp.pudibunda, G.hieroglyphica. Other commonly bred species like G.pantherina or G.holosericea are newly considered as genus Gymnetosoma. All come from neotropical area - mainly South America.

Gymnetosoma margineguttata, male (left) and female (right)

Gymnetis(Paragymnetis) chalcipes

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