genus: EUDICELLA White, 1839
remark: System used below is given in accordance with the latest revision done by Michele De Palma (2009). Michele in his work reduced the number of taxa - 22 species and 50 subspecies were decreased to 14 species and 2 subspecies. Although many taxonomic problems are yet to be resolved - this system is very transparent and allows good identification for most Eudicella populations.

species: aethiopica Müller, 1941
origin1: Ethiopia, near Matu, 4/2003 leg. Malec Petr, ex larvae
origin2: Ethiopia, Wondo Genet, 5/2008 leg. Malec Petr, ex larvae
wild imago size: 28-40 mm

Eudicella aethiopica >,>> origin 1 >>> origin 2

Eudicella aethiopica (origin 1), wild habitat >> Ethiopia, Wondo Genet >>> Ethiopia, near Matu

species: colmanti Braem, 1907
origin: Cameroon, Dschang Province
wild imago size: 30-44 mm


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