Ethiopia 2008

My third trip to this country, this time towards south, mainly province Sidamo and Gamo Gofa. Despite the season was not the best for collecting beetles I met plenty creatures and some of them present themselves on photos bellow.

Despite my comments are usually funny (or at least I try) this time I want to start untypically seriously. ".... this portion of injera would be to share with my friend Charly Werner. The trip we had planned will never come true".

Photos : 1. Yelling children belong to the local colour of Ethiopia
2. Addis Abeba - busy metropolis full of contrast of wealth and poverty
3. Very expressive hand made posters warn against traffic dangers

Photos : 4.- Ethiopia is full of breathtaking sceneries
5. - ... and there are many places where collecting beetles seems to be impossible
6. Decadent banquet on the main road near Awasa

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