genus: NIPHETOPHORA Kraatz, 1883
species: hildebrandti Harold, 1878
origin: Ethiopia, near Finchawa ; V/2008

species: kivuensis Antoine et Holm, 1993
origin: Zambia, near Kapiri Mposhi; II/2005

species: carneola Burmeister, 1847
origin: Uganda, NP Lake Mburo; XI/2006

species: maleci Legrand, 2004
origin: Ethiopia, Sof´Omar; V/2003

wild imago size: May grow up to 20 mm (sp. carneola) usually around 15 mm
note: Unlike other beetles from diplognathini group Niphetophora has completely different breeding habits. Lifecycle is relatively long with 3-4 months pupal phase. Pupae often decease if kept under unsuitable conditions (wrong temperature or moisture). This fact makes this beetle rather difficult to reproduce.

> Niphetophora carneola >> Niphetophora kivuensis >>> Niphetophora hildebrandti

genus: DIPHRONTIS Gerstaecker, 1882
species: monticola Kolbe, 1892
origin: Cameroon
wild imago size: 16 mm

> Niphetophora maleci >> Diphrontis monticola

genus: ERIULIS Burmeister, 1842
species: variolosa (Gory et Percheron, 1833)
origin: Sierra Leone, 3 km E from Black Johnson; V/2013
wild imago size: 17 mm
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