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genus: PORPHYRONOTA Burmeister, 1842
species: hebraea Olivier, 1789
origin: Zambia, Mufumbwe; I/2005
origin2: Tanzania, Udzungwa NP; I/2005
origin3: South Africa, KwaZulu Natal I/2015; Eastern Cape I/2017

species: maculatissima Boheman, 1860
origin: Malawi, Dedza; IV/2000
origin2: Tanzania, Saadani NP; I/2011

species: rougemonti (Holm, 1991)
origin: Ethiopia, near Finchawa; V/2008

wild imago size: around 20 mm
note: Porphyronota belong to long-lived beetles, imago may live up to 2 years in captivity. All species from the genus have very short development, larval and pupal phase may take around 2-3 months.

>,>> Porphyronota maculatissima (Malawi) >>> Porphyronota maculatissima (Tanzania)

Porphyronota rougemonti (having lunch with

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