genus:   SCAPTOBIUS   Schaum, 1841
species:  capensis (Gory et Percheron, 1833)
origin:  South Africa, Eastern Cape
wild imago size:  11-12 mm

note:  Subtribe Cremastocheilina consists of about 50 genera, on photos bellow mainly those from Afrotropical area. Beetles are known for specific ecological habits. Some of them prey on brood of social insects (Oplostomus), some are found in dung (Anatonochilus, Oplostomus), termite and/or ant nests (Coenochilus, Chtonobius, Arielina). Breeding of this group is rather mysterious - I have not reproduced any of them in captivity for more than one generation. Lifecycle must be very short in the nature, in period of weeks(!).

> Campsiura abyssinica (Ethiopia); >> C. kerleyi (Uganda); >>> C. pavlae (Zambia)

> Campsiura scutellaris (Uganda), >> Campsiura scutallata (Sierra Leone)

> Heterogenius angustatus (Zambia); >> Plagiochilus pilosus (Zambia)

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