genus: SYSTELLORRHINA Kraatz 1895
species: baliola (Janson, 1888)
wild habitat: upland grassland of Ethiopia
origin: Ethiopia, near Metahara
wild imago size: 14-16 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown

Systellorrhina baliola (in wild habitat, Ethiopia)

genus: ALLEUCOSMA Schenkling, 1921
species: viridula (Kraatz, 1880)
wild habitat:species common in moist evergreen forests of western Africa
origin: Sierra Leone, Tiwai Island, V/2013, leg. Petr Malec
wild imago size: 13-15 mm
breeding difficulty: I had one couple from wild collected larvae, however oviposition was not achieved


genus: COSMESTHES Kraatz 1880
species: lineaticollis Kraatz, 1880
origin: Cameroon
wild imago size: 13-14 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown

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