species: pulverulenta (Gory et Percheron, 1833)
remark: only one specimen found feeding on Sarcocephalus latifolius
wild habitat:common west African species found in both primary and secondary vegetation
origin: Sierra Leone, 20 km SE Kenema, V/2013
wild imago size: 12-14 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown, Ive never bred this species

> Tephraea dichroa (Zambia, in habitat) >> from South Africa >>> Tephraea dichroa, T.morosa (Zambia)

Tephraea pulverulenta (Sierra Leone, in habitat)

genus: HETEROTEPHRAEA Antoine, 2002
species: arborescens (vigors, 1825)
remark: forestal species, aberrative as seen on photos
wild habitat:found in larval stage in submontane forest zone of Loma Mt.
origin: Sierra Leone, 7 km E from Konbaia, V/2013
wild imago size: 12-14 mm
breeding difficulty: relatively easy compared to other Tephraea species, Ive bred them for at least 2 generations


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