genus: NIPHOBLETA Kraatz, 1880
species: variegata (Moser, 1907)
wild habitat: species of equatorial tropical rainforest
origin: Uganda, Budongo forest, XI/2006
wild imago size: 14-15 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown, only one specimen was found

genus: DOLICHOSTETHUS Kolbe,1892
species: levis
wild habitat: common in primary east african habitats
origin: Tanzania, near Kilosa, I/2011
wild imago size: 12-14 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown

> Niphobleta variegata, >> Dolichostethus levis

genus: POLYSTALACTICA Kraatz 1882
species: sansibarica Kolbe, 1892
wild habitat: "miombo" woodland of eastern Africa
origin: Zambia, near Chongwe, 11/2006, photographed by Julien Touroult
wild imago size: 10-12 mm

species: conspergata Csiki, 1909
wild habitat: found in primary east african habitats, particularly in Tanzania
origin: Tanzania, Rubeho Mt., I/2011
wild imago size: 9-11 mm
breeding difficulty: unknown for all beetles from genus Polystalactica

            > Polystalactica sansibarica (Tanzania) >> Polystalactica conspergata on Kyllinga sp. in wild habitat

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