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genus: ELAPHINIS Burmeister, 1842
species: cinereonebulosa (De Geer, 1778)
wild habitat: Species rather rare in collections, with the range of distribution restricted to the Eastern and Western Cape
origin: South Africa, Eastern Cape, I/2017
wild imago size: 11-13 mm
breeding difficulty: Very difficult species to breed and reproduce in captivity. Larvae progressed very fast to 3rd instar after being fed with substrate containing a substantial percentage of cow dung. Pupation successfully took place in sandy soil. The problematic phase is a very long prepupal dormancy.

            Elaphinis cinereonebulosa >>> wild habitat - large goat manure midden under an acacia bush

genus: APHELINIS Antoine, 1987
species: collarti (Bourgoin, 1932)
wild habitat: species of equatorial tropical rainforest
origin: Uganda, Bwindi near Ruhija, XI/2006, ex larvae
wild imago size: 12-14 mm
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, Ive bred them only for one generation, high larval decease and pupal problems are common

Aphelinis collarti >>> collecting larvae in wild habitat (Uganda)

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