genus:   CAELORRHINA (syn. ECCOPTOCNEMIS) Hope 1841
species:  semiviridis Bourgoin 1919
origin:  Tanzania
wild imago size:  25-30mm

species:  gracilipes? 
origin:  Nigeria
wild imago size:  28-35mm

species:  albini (Bourgoin, 1921)
origin:  Uganda, Mabira forest, leg. Petr Malec 11/2006
wild imago size:  30-38mm

species:  kolbei (Moser, 1902)
origin:  Cameroon
wild imago size:  33-39mm

sexual dimorphism: males with abdominal channel on sternits
wild habitat: genus of equatorial tropical rainforest
breeding difficulty: medium to difficult, usually the main breeding problem is pupating phase, larvae have similiar habits like those of Tmesorrhina for example, for building their cells they request rather coarse substrate with addition of sand or soil; unlike for Tmesorrhina pupation is often achieved and imago succesfully hatch.

Caelorrhina semiviridis

Caelorrhina gracilipes ?

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