genus:   APHELORRHINA Westwood 1843
species:  tibialis  Waterhouse 1879
origin: Kenya?
origin2:  Uganda, Budongo forrest (red form); Mabira forrest (green form) lgt. Petr Malec 11/2006
wild imago size:  around 25 mm
sexual dimorphism:  males without horns, only with abdominal groove on sternits
note:  Beetle which I find quite difficult to keep, needs sufficient feeding in larval stage and be treated with caution when pupate. On the other hand, hatched adults do mate and late eggs vey easily, although don`t live very long, aproximatelly 2 months.

Aphelorrhina (Stephanorrhina) tibialis (ssp.collinsi)

Aphelorrhina (Stephanorrhina) tibialis (Uganda)
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