genus:   AMAURODES Westwood 1844
species:  passerinii  Westwood 1844
variety:  linnei  Schaum 1844
origin:  Tanzania
variety:  nyanzanus  Burgeon 1934
origin:  Zambia, Kabwe (lgt.P.Malec)

wild imago size:  females around 33 mm, males to 40mm
sexual dimorphism: males with "Y" shape horn

note: Adults of Amaurodes, as well as for example Megalorrhina, have tendencies to lay eggs near the substrate surface. Therefore it isn`t good when this layer would dry up. Adult beetles are sort of predacious and like eating small larvae, that`s why I keep eggs separately in smaller containers. In cocoon stage it is necessary to decrease the substrate moisture to avoid decease of pupas inside. Especially early captive bred beetles have long daipausis in cocoon phase up to 6 months.

Amaurodes passerinii

Amaurodes passerinii linnei

Amaurodes passerinii nyanzanus, male photographed by J.Touroult (Lusaka, Zambia), hybrid form (last photo)
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